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Chris Harris on the Noble M600, Porsche GT2 RS, and others…

The Noble M600 is by far and away my favourite ‘supercar’ around at the moment—-it looks amazing, and it is just epic cool from its engineering to its raw turbo madness.   Oh and there’s a F40 and an XJ220 in the video too…

Great video again, by probably the best in the business—Chris Harris.

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Noble M600 (now w/ video)

I absolutely love the shape of this car—i’m not exactly why this supercar speaks to me design-wise that few others do—maybe it is the ‘long’ tail feature or maybe it’s just the functional integrity of it being another insane Noble.  But it is stunning….

I see bits of Lotus Elise, Audi R8, vague Lamborghini and Ferrari.  But the end product is something fantastic.

Noble M600.

you can pick if the car should be 450, 550, 650hp—in the same car! nice.

Here’s the TOP GEAR review!

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