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turn your 4 banger into a V8/V10!

Well, not really…..err…

SoundRacer V8/V10 will plug into a car’s cigarette lighter, be tuned to a radio station within your car, and then spit out the sweet sounds of a V8 or a V10 engine right through your car’s speakers! GENIUS!  The revs rise and everything….fascinating……but COMPLETELY nerdy.  Just don’t turn it too loud, or you’ll be snarling and snorting at a traffic light with the windows open…and a real muscle car will pull up and hysterically start laughing….COST? $40.

Still, a cool little gadget to have a laugh with i suppose……it is inevitable however that some ricey dork is gonna plug speakers to the outside of their car…and actually try to make it sound like that to outsiders as well…..til then, check out the video demonstration below:

here’s a link to a full review:http://www.gizmag.com/soundracer-v8-video-review/14019/

link to company’s site: http://www.soundracer.se/

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Lancia Stratos channels the devil.

HOLY SOUND! take a listen.  Don’t get scared around the 2 minute mark!

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alfa romeo montreal videos.

sure you may not understand some of them, but who cares! just listen to that V8.  the Montreal is definitely one of IEDEI’s most wanted cars.

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