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video of the day. RS5

I consider the Audi RS5 to be the ultimate manifestation of the germans trying to build a “muscle car”…..along with some of the Mercedes AMG line…….this is some great footage of an RS5 rolling through the desolate smooth roads in the desert—-almost reminds me of scenes from the film “Vanishing Point”!

No music or commentary to get in the way either! just the sweet sound of a V8!

Such a desirable car in that shape and in that form—i think the original A5/S5 already looked beautiful, but with a widened stance, fender flares, and those extra RS touches; it really gets its point across!  Fantastic.

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alfa romeo montreal videos.

sure you may not understand some of them, but who cares! just listen to that V8.  the Montreal is definitely one of IEDEI’s most wanted cars.

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format67 BMW 130i and 135i videos.

Some really well made, and very cool videos about a car i am genuinely in love with—the E82 1-series Coupe.

more F67 stuff: http://www.format67.net/67/

BMW 130i “tii”

BMW 135i

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