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This time it seems it is for real.  NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden), which is a Swedish company—-has purchased Saab!  Price is not disclosed.  BBC reports this as a “Swedish-Chinese investment group”, however I find that a bit odd, seeing as the CEO of NEVS is a Swedish Citzen…..

EDIT: Apparently NEVS is owned by a Hong Kong firm, so ‘Swedish-Chinese’ is accurate assessment!

As someone who has always admired Saabs and at one point wanted a Saab 900 as my first car when I was 15 (i never did get one, but my mum did!), I am really glad to think that the marque may live another day!

Here’s hoping it sticks this time…

src:  BBC

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one-off Ferrari Enzo prototype

A) i don’t really care for Ferraris (you will almost never see any Ferraris on this blog….)

B) i don’t like ‘investor’ automobiles.

but this one-off Ferrari Enzo prototype is pretty damn interesting.   It’s a 348/355 stuffed to the extreme with all sorts of stuff.  It sort of looks like it is going to explode.  Apparently this car is for sale, on a cryptic listing shown on the Modena Motorsports website.  Sure it is as ugly as an dead alligator’s wrinkled testicle…..however i find prototypes like this one a bit interesting, somehow.

(thanks to Arman for the link!)

original link on GTS Spirit:


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