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Vintage racing jackets.

vintage racing jacket

Rusty Zipper has a wide selection of authentic vintage racing jackets, y’know—-the polyester/nylon type in solid colours with those particular racing stripes. ┬áSo go over there, find your perfect colour combination and get one for a very reasonable price (most of them are between $20 and $35!).

LINK: http://www.rustyzipper.com/shop.cfm/rz/type~Jackets/search~Racing/gender~Mens/mensracingjackets.cfm?nav=rec

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“Car-A-Day” Paintings



This is one of the most impressive blogs and talents i’ve seen in a long time. Rob Ijbema has a blog entitled “Car-A-Day”, in which he puts up amazing paintings of race cars, race circuits, and races—-in an amazing display of talent, sharing of creativity, and charm. These paintings are available as hi-resolution JPGs for your viewing pleasure, and they are also available for purchase in their original form.

Highly impressive stuff. Check it out!!

LINK: http://car-a-day.blogspot.com/

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