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art of the day. Stratos.

A lovely sketch by the talented Rob Ijbema, which i’ve enthused about many times here…

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art of the day. streamliner.

The superb work of Rob Ijbema, as shown on IEDEI before…..


click to enlarge


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art of the day. beta monte carlo.

one of my favourite automobile artists, Rob Ijbema…..painting a very cool car.  Lancia Beta Monte Carlo.


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art of the day.

from our good mate and very talented Rob Ijbema. You can find a whole lotta work by him at:


click on foto 2 times to get HI-RES version (wallpaper worthy…really)

audi quattro art rob ijbema

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Car-A-Day Audi R15 Painting!


Well it looks like Rob Ijbema has been hard at work on the new Audi R15 already! He’s already put up a beautiful new painting featurein the recent 12-hour Sebring winning R15.

His paintings are for sale, but they sell quick! so if any of you Audi-philes want this one, be quick!


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Latest “Car-A-Day” Favourites…

Rob Ijbema is the brilliant artist who has been painting a high volume of paintings devoted to race cars. These paintings are also for sale, if you develop an unhealthy obsession with one of the works! A few months ago, i posted a link to his page. Here are some of the latest favourites of mine (especially the pair of Alpine A310s!) on his car-a-day blog:

BLOG: http://car-a-day.blogspot.com/

(click these photos a couple times to get HI-RES versions for wallpaper!)





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“Car-A-Day” Paintings



This is one of the most impressive blogs and talents i’ve seen in a long time. Rob Ijbema has a blog entitled “Car-A-Day”, in which he puts up amazing paintings of race cars, race circuits, and races—-in an amazing display of talent, sharing of creativity, and charm. These paintings are available as hi-resolution JPGs for your viewing pleasure, and they are also available for purchase in their original form.

Highly impressive stuff. Check it out!!

LINK: http://car-a-day.blogspot.com/

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