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jagwar ma.


Anyone who knows my musical history knows my own music as well as what influenced was DEEPLY entrenched in Madchester and the baggy sounds of the early 90s.  Jagwar Ma have recently brought back some of that bagginess with their debut album “Howlin”.  Well worth a listen and a purchase, in my opinion.

Jagwar Ma play Glasslands in Brooklyn on October 2nd.  I will be there.  Come say hello. 

“The Throw”

“Come Save Me”



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friday evening rock and roll, IEDEI style.

You may or may not know that i also play music, in a project known as The Bavarian Druglords.  Over the past few years, one of my favourite new bands to come out of the UK are a band called Exit Calm, who I was going to try to do a split 7″ single with last year—however it never came to fruition.

Anyways, i’m pleased to report that the latest Exit Calm release is a full length album, entitled “Exit Calm” was released last month, and it’s brilliant. so go listen to it.

Here’s a video from their album…for a song called “Hearts & Minds”…..but petrolheads, don’t worry! THERE is a car in the video! (an Audi Coupe GT)

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