V10 R8 invades Maranello, home of Ferrari….

Audi sticks it to Ferrari.  

SOURCE: World Car Fans

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4 thoughts on “V10 R8 invades Maranello, home of Ferrari….

  1. N1kk3l says:

    I fint this distasteful.
    I loved when BMW made the “Checkmate” billboard and showed Audi to look at their range rather than their competitors. Seems like they haven’t learned their lesson.

    I find the current Audi range very bland and boring. I loved their quattro rally cars and I’m in love with the ’70s 100 coupe. I’m not biased towars Ferrari in any way and I’m trying to have a normal disscusion.

    The R8 established itself as a very uncool car where I live I’s bought by people thet know nothing about cars for their 20 y.o. girfriends and driven mostly by them. The Audi drivers additude is somethint that I’m not going to comment right now.

    Anyway I think that any king of advertisment which is more focused on your competiotors then your product show a weakness in the range.

  2. Mo says:

    I am sure the City of Marinelo was complicit and cooperated with Audi in the making of this ad. Plus, slippery slop time when you say all Audi drivers, all BMW drivers….
    Good day!~

  3. N1kk3l says:

    I’m sure Maranelo cooperated in making of the ad. It’s just the way they are advertising that is not to my liking. I remember pepsi did it years back and it was as distasteful as this is.

    BMW and even VW drivers here…
    What is it with German cars that bring the worst of people.

    Anyway I love this site. I love that it’s about passion and not gossip.
    I plugged this site on my blog. Hope it get’s a lot of visitors and is updated more often.

    • iedei says:

      n1kk3l, thanks for your opinions and good words. much appreciated. Audi is definitely taking an aggressive, and a brash path in its advertising…pitting their cars against other makers directly. But y’know this has definitely been done before….remember all those early Lexus and Infiniti ads with BMWs and Mercs in the commercials? Even recently i remember Hyundai Genesis racing against BMWs and Audis on a track…..those companies were trying to swing upwards into a ‘higher’ class….i think Audi has definitely joined BMW and Audi in the higher luxury brands……but with aiming at Ferrari, they are trying to transcend the Porsche 911 comparisons, and switch the public perception into something even higher……whether it works or creates a backlash is uncertain, but it seems most people aren’t seeing the ads with a very positive view…although i gotta say i enjoyed it! 😉

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