Brad Pitt playing Steve McQueen in biography film…

McQueen Driving

Word is that casting for the upcoming Steve McQueen film Steve McQueen: Portait Of An American Rebel has commenced and that the role of Mr. McQueen is being offered to Brad Pitt.

Pitt Driving

I’m a huge Steve McQueen fan..and am really excited about a film portraying the adventures and life of Mr. McQueen—and while i think Brad Pitt is a pretty decent pick for this role, i just hope he gets into the role enough to really transmit the soul of McQueen.

Steve McQueen fully absorbed himself in films while he made it; during the film Le Mans, he fully integrated himself with the race, the lifestyle, and the actual driving.  Such is that I hope Pitt is able to understand the character of McQueen and really display McQueen’s character rather than his own…When i told my wife about this—she thinks Jude Law would be a better choice, mainly because he looks more like McQueen.  I think my wife just digs Jude Law! ha.

Either way, i’m looking damn forward to it, and it will surely be the most anticipated film of 2010.

Source: Top Gear

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One thought on “Brad Pitt playing Steve McQueen in biography film…

  1. H W says:

    I see that Tobey Maguire is to play Phil Hill in The Limit and that there’s an Ayrton Senna movies in the works, or says the internets.

    Well I just hope they give the car/racing part of the equation its just due. Seeing as we seem to be in this era of sissyfication and adoration of low-selling electric tin cans I wonder if some Hollywood douche producer will say:

    “Well, you know, I think we should tone done the balls-out tire-smoking, push-rod pumping, gasoline-guzzling bad-assness a wee bit… Some people may be offended.”

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