Alfa Romeo 149 to the USA


Since Fiat is on its way back to the US market, using Chrysler like human traffic to do so—i’m more excited about the return of Alfa Romeo.  FOR YEARS now, we’ve been hearing rumours about Alfa’s return to the US.  Since 2006 or so, we’ve been holding our breath….but now it seems it would be practical with a foundation built to support the return of Alfa.

The 8C has already been on sale here for several months, but what else will they bring?  The latest sources are saying the 149 (replacement for the Alfa 147) will also be making a move stateside, possibly renamed as the Milano.

I think that would be THE wisest car to bring to the US market.  Affordable, classy, and a true competitor to the VW Golf, Audi A3, and the next BMW 1-series (out in 2010/2011 probably).  If they price it in the low $20k range, keep the styling as shown in the above photo rendering, and bring the old-school Alfa Romeo attitude with it—-i’m pretty sure Alfa Romeo can bounce back in a very positive way in the US market.

COME ON ALFA! Bring it….

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2 thoughts on “Alfa Romeo 149 to the USA

  1. HW says:

    You have a cool site here. Loving it. But I don’t share your enthusiasm on this one.

    They’ll have to done some major branding / marketing hijinks, I think, if they want to be considered legit or want to capture more than a fringe market. I don’t think I’m alone in conjuring up the awful 80’s and early 90’s? Alfas from their previous visit to our shores. Seemed like snottier cars of the Fix It Again Tony (FIAT) variety.

    And to think this doofus Obama uses brute force to force legit bondholders to hand over their share of Chrysler to Fiat and the same unions that stifled their competitiveness in the first place. Yikes. Scary times we live in.

    I just hope they keep making the Challenger before Washington makes it illegal to own. Or force it to be powered by a Fiat four-banger. Hee.

  2. iedei says:

    I see what you’re saying, mate….but FIAT has been hugely successful and profitable over the past decade…and they still do make some pretty damn cracking small cars. Alfa Romeos are nowhere near as glorious as they were in the 50s and 60s….but hell, they’re still amazingly nice to look at, and do offer an italian alternative to the german-japanese luxuryfest going on as of late. I think what Fiat will do is ‘loosen up’ the US market. I am personally SICK of the japanese domination in this country—-and if it takes an italian company to come in, and sort out Dodge, Jeep, etc….and i’m all up for it! I do agree that i hope cars like the Challenger survive—–it’s part of american culture that they survive.

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