Audi A1 on the street…

As you can probably tell already, IEDEI is quite fond of the new Audi A1 and really wants it to come to the US market, however recently i’ve found out that there is a VERY slim chance of the car making it over here.  Pricing continues to be the issue, and Audi Of America seems skeptical that americans will pay $25k for a little hatchback.  In my opinion, people regularly pay $25k for Minis all the time….so bring some over and try it!


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3 thoughts on “Audi A1 on the street…

  1. danidmas says:

    FUCK! That is Barcelona, just a few blocks away from my office!!!!

  2. danidmas says:

    jaja! not really… but I guess we have some sort of Audi development facility around here. On TAU I posted some pics of a test-mule based on an Audi A6 with widened fenders… and I see Audis driving around the center of town every now and then…

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