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Mercedes-Benz A-Class Concept.

Mercedes-Benz is showing photos of their new A-Class Concept. I’m all in favour for small, cool, luxury hatchbacks—-but this Mercedes doesn’t look like a Mercedes.  It really looks more BMW from the side (all the slashes and body moldings…very Bangle-ish) and quite Audi from the rear (TOO Audi-ish from the rear)….and maybe Volvo-ish from the front?  A pretty interesting design that I quite like in many ways—-but a little sloppy and very uncharacteristic for a Mercedes, in my opinion.

and compare the rear end to the Audi A1 Concept from a couple years ago!

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Pogea Racing A1.

the Audi A1 is another in the line of mythical Audi creations which will likely never hit the US shores; but that doesn’t stop me from lusting after one.  This one is a great colour, with dark wheels, and an aggressive lowered stance.  If you were to ask me to build an A1, i would want to build it like this—-possibly minus the wacky retro-y cloth interior though….am more a leather person myself.  Unfortunately Audi aren’t keen on bringing this generation A1 to this country; or it would DEFINITELY be in my garage as a city commuter.  156hp in a 2300+ pound body sounds damn good to me!

Found on:  Fourtitude

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Audi A1 on the street…

As you can probably tell already, IEDEI is quite fond of the new Audi A1 and really wants it to come to the US market, however recently i’ve found out that there is a VERY slim chance of the car making it over here.  Pricing continues to be the issue, and Audi Of America seems skeptical that americans will pay $25k for a little hatchback.  In my opinion, people regularly pay $25k for Minis all the time….so bring some over and try it!

LINK: http://www.autogespot.com/nl/item/6734/audis-kleintje-duikt-op-in-het-wild-de-a1-is-gespot!.html

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oh hello Audi A1!

Pricing: 16,000 euros (about $22k)

Curb weight: ~2300 pounds

Power: 86-122hp (TFSI and TDI versions)

Drive: FWD (Quattro expected later in the years)

Availability: Unknown whether the car will come to the US yet!

Competitors: Mini Cooper, Alfa Romeo Mito, Fiat 500,

I REALLY hope Audi bring this thing to the states! we need more cool small cars.

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Latest Audi A1 spy shots.

the 2011 Audi A1 is set for its online debut in about 1 week, however over the past few months—-there has been tons of leakage, teasers, spy pics, etc…posted around the web.

These new spy pics posted by Motor Authority seem to be the best ones yet, showing the dimensions and profile of the car the best.  It looks great……..AUDI! BRING IT TO THE US!!!!! I would love to have this little thing as a commuter around NYC.

More pics here: http://www.motorauthority.com/blog/1036759_spy-shots-2011-audi-a1

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Audi A1 german styling discussion.

I find this Audi A1 styling video to be hilarious….i’m not sure why exactly.  Maybe it’s their sheer nerdiness, or their stern german sensibility, or maybe because they are trying to simulate an actual event in the form of a weird, staged reinactment! I’m looking forward to the A1 though…should be a very interesting car.  Now bring it to the USA, Audi!

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