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5 seconds of pleasure.

It is amazing how a 5 second clip can make me fantasize for 20 minutes about the Alpine A110.

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audi quattro concept; real life pics!

Thanks to Brad (Automobiliac) for pointing me towards this post on Jalopnik, where they show real life pics of the quattro concept in Malibu, California!  The best new design of 2010 looks even better in the real world! WOW! DO WANT.

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Audi A1 on the street…

As you can probably tell already, IEDEI is quite fond of the new Audi A1 and really wants it to come to the US market, however recently i’ve found out that there is a VERY slim chance of the car making it over here.  Pricing continues to be the issue, and Audi Of America seems skeptical that americans will pay $25k for a little hatchback.  In my opinion, people regularly pay $25k for Minis all the time….so bring some over and try it!

LINK: http://www.autogespot.com/nl/item/6734/audis-kleintje-duikt-op-in-het-wild-de-a1-is-gespot!.html

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