supercar of the day. Mangusta.

one of the most evil, rare, influential, and fascinating supercars ever….the DeTomaso Mangusta (1966-1971)

401 Mangustas were built, about 200 of the european version, with 4 headlamps and Ford 289 Cu.In. engine, and the rest are USA version, with 2 “pop up” headlamps and less powerful Ford 302 engines. One car was built with Chevrolet engine. There are reported to be fewer than 120 left in existence, according to the 2 available registry databases.

more information on the Mangusta:

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3 thoughts on “supercar of the day. Mangusta.

  1. Dani says:

    If you like this car… then you should know that my brother is restoring one these days. His boss has several classics from the time (Mangusta, Vallelunga, Pantera Gr4, Iso Griffo) and they’re putting the best parts avaiable on it. A bit ricy… since it’s got widened fenders and a massive a +500hp engine… but still lovely 🙂 I’ll try to find some pics and I’ll ask my bro if I can post them…

    • iedei says:

      wow that’s pretty sweet. i hope it’s not too ‘ricey’…as that would be such a waste!! this is one of the rarest supercars in the world….and it’d be worth it to keep it mostly original. Definitely keep me posted if you find some pics and post em…..i’d be most interested! very cool…

  2. blade Cutter 100 says:

    I used to own 1970 Mangusta 8MA-1148. The caption below the Green ‘Goose’ is dead wrong Total prod is correct @ 401…but there are about 250 cars registered w/ mangusta international….and there were only around 50 of the cars with the the single beam flip up headlights my car was one….i fixed my lights into the grille nacelle……one other car i’ve seen on MI registry, a race car, that the single beams are fixed. Still might not look quite as good as a quad light, but it sure looks a lot better than the cross eyed duck look of retractables down & when they are up they are absolutely hideous…..i couldn’t get the uplock to work well and the lights were more efficient closer to the ground. GOT has ther head up their ass w/ their illumination regulations…and the lights lower to the ground are less harsh to oncoming traffic

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