The best looking production BMW today is…

yeah it’s the 1-series.  I know plenty of people are going to disagree with me…..and i know that plenty of people hate the way the 1-series looks; however i have always loved the styling of it.  It’s the only modern BMW that has an interesting design, aside from the strange 6-series which started to grow on me towards the end of its current life cycle.

There’s plenty of retro going on in the 1-series styling, some cues of the E30, some cues of older BMWs from the 70s liked the fabled 2002, even some NSU TT in there.  One of my favourite Coupe designs since the MK1 TT, for sure.

I will have a 1-series one day!  The question is when?

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7 thoughts on “The best looking production BMW today is…

  1. Automobiliac says:

    The M3 is hotter than the 1 Series, in my opinion, but I think the new 7 is ok too. Frankly, BMWs just don’t get me excited anymore compared to the pre flame surfacing era, except for when I see an M3 sporting a bare carbon roof panel. Yowza. Also, i think the new Z4 if better looking than the outgoing model. But I’ll take a Z8 and go home, thanks.

  2. N1kk3l says:

    Seem that we alway disagree about new cars but we’re always on the same page regarding the old ones.
    Well this is the first new car that we agree on. Not only is this the current best looking BMW of the range, but that’s the only one I would buy. The 3.5 would be my first choice.

    • Syed says:

      agreement! great! the 135i is a great drive….on a budget, even the 128 is a good car to drive….maybe even more reliably…plenty of power and less weight for a spirited drive…

  3. Feketelaszlo says:

    Maybe, the Z4 is still looking good, but yeah, the 1 Coupé has also good design, but in my opinion most of the BMW’s want to communicate to you: “hey, look I’m a BMW, I’m very expensive und ich komme aus Bayern, Deutshcland”, maybe they should try being a little bit less BMW and a little bit more sexy. The last sexy BMW was the 2002.

    • Syed says:

      i agree with you, man…BMWs try to shout flashy with weird angles, weird proportions, and weird flares and body shapes….and i’d say 95% of it these days; it’s just not working…..

  4. G Vial says:

    Totally agree…I’ve been a BMW nut since I was 10 and always thought about what one I would get next when they came on the used market. Right now there is bugger all I’d go for except the 1 series coupe. Love my E36 M3…come on BMW give us a good car again.

  5. John says:

    I think you’re on to something, though I will contest that a regular 1 series is pretty “meh”. The hopped up 1 series M coupe on the other hand, may be the best “current generation” BMW.

    As far as best currently produced BMW, call me weird, but I’m going with the Alpina B7. That thing looks the business.

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