IEDEI vs. Alaska, part 1, “Alaskan Fool’s Gold”

Brad from Automobiliac has aptly and entertainingly chronicled the story of my attempt to secure one of my all time classic cars (BMW 2002 Turbo) recently.  Late Friday night, i recieved confirmation that this was NOT going to work out…….as the car was not what i thought it was…..

I will be posting more about this weird and awkward attempt at finding a classic car for my collection later this week….but in the mean time, read Automobiliac’s version of the story here (very entertaining):

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2 thoughts on “IEDEI vs. Alaska, part 1, “Alaskan Fool’s Gold”

  1. G Vial says:

    Sad. That would have been a beauty. Looking forward to your account.

    My older brother and I went to buy an E30 M3 near Dublin for a super cheap price. When we got there it was in terrible shape and was nothing more than a 320 Is in drag. But the hope and the chase of finding cars like the 2002 turbo is totally worth it. Disappointment or not.

    • Syed says:

      yes i’ve learned the hard way that what you see is not always what you get! am working on the full story, and it was a highly entertaining experience….thankfully i had a friend in Alaska who was able to check it out for me, saving me the hundreds of dollars it would have been to fly there myself!

      the E30 M3 is worth chasing, but damn there are ALOT of crappy cars out there from that generation; badly modded, badly maintained…

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