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IEDEI vs. Alaska, part 1, “Alaskan Fool’s Gold”

Brad from Automobiliac has aptly and entertainingly chronicled the story of my attempt to secure one of my all time classic cars (BMW 2002 Turbo) recently.  Late Friday night, i recieved confirmation that this was NOT going to work out…….as the car was not what i thought it was…..

I will be posting more about this weird and awkward attempt at finding a classic car for my collection later this week….but in the mean time, read Automobiliac’s version of the story here (very entertaining):


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weird obscure usage of a BMW 2002 Turbo in a film….

Well this is quite an abstract use of this car!  I have no idea what film this is The film is a French-Belgian production called Dikkinek (Thanks to my friend Olivier!) and i’m still not sure what role that BMW 2002 Turbo had in the rest of the film, however it does create a nice backdrop for…..errr…..quite a weird scene?

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BMW 2002 Turbo. video.

My favourite BMW of all time. GIVE ME ONE.

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original 1973 diagram of the BMW 2002 Turbo engine…


The BMW 2002 Turbo was the first production car out of europe with a turbocharged engine.  It caused quite a fury in Germany when it was launched, being as it was as quick as many supercars of the early 70s, but with a boxy coupe shape and yet still carried the audacity of a fast car.  The car never made it to the USA…. Continue reading

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wallpaper 2: BMW 2002 Turbo.

again, click the photo a couple times to get to the HI-RES photo:


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BMW 2002 Turbo wallpapers.

fantastic car. fantastic pics.

(click through for hi-res versions)



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