driving gloves quest: Audi vs. BMW vs Porsche

Well i bought some superb Dunhill driving gloves last year, however i lost one of them; a true tragedy in my petrolhead bubbleworld.

So about6 months ago, being the Audi fanboy i am; i ordered a pair of Audi driving gloves through the Audi Collection.  I really like them.  Very soft and well made.  $49.00

For you BMW fanboys, BMW is selling driving gloves as well, through their BMW Lifestyle section.  They look pretty good.  $40.00

Porsche Design has also come out with a set of driving gloves; they are clearly the flashiest and pose-y out of the bunch…but they look pretty good.  $190.00

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9 thoughts on “driving gloves quest: Audi vs. BMW vs Porsche

  1. Feketelaszlo says:

    Nice, racing equipment marques like OMP or Alpinestars have collections of retro-racing suits, helmets, and gloves (well, the gloves are not so retro in every term, and not even racing, but there is no such a category for them). GT2i has their own classic/vintage shop, you can check it out here, full of awesomness in my opinion (french, but it’s not hard to navigate, if it is you can Google Translate): http://www.gt2i-classic.com
    However, I will stay at my good old “Pécsi kesztyű”, quality hand-made hungarian product 🙂

    • Syed says:

      thanks for the link, man. the site looks good. i tried to use google navigate, however it screwed up the site for me and i couldn’t find any gloves!

      • Feketelaszlo says:

        Well, it’s under the “Equipement pilote” (driver equipments) menu in the “Gants pilote” (gloves) point. Yeah google translate ruined it for me too, didn’t tried it before linking, sorry.

  2. Automobiliac says:

    Who started the whole knuckle-hole thing? It is so cliched.

    • Syed says:

      it’s so much better! works well for all seasons..keeps the hand cool and relaxed…..i would never wear closed driving gloves in the autumn, spring, or summer….these are very thin leather…..very comfortable.

    • Feketelaszlo says:

      Sure, for racing purposes you can’t use a knuckle-holed glove, but for normal driving it’s much more better, your hand can breath through it (no, they don’t use knuckle holes because of the style or design). Some say a pair of driving gloves is must have if your car has wooden-steering wheel or if you have sporty-driving style (but if you are willing to sell your car you can put a pair of gloves on the dashboard, where it’s dirty, off-color, or broken, it will attract buyers).

  3. Automobiliac says:

    I wear stringbacks, myself. Kickin it Stirling Moss style.

  4. Colin says:

    Audi FTW!

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