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driving gloves quest: Audi vs. BMW vs Porsche

Well i bought some superb Dunhill driving gloves last year, however i lost one of them; a true tragedy in my petrolhead bubbleworld.

So about6 months ago, being the Audi fanboy i am; i ordered a pair of Audi driving gloves through the Audi Collection.  I really like them.  Very soft and well made.  $49.00

For you BMW fanboys, BMW is selling driving gloves as well, through their BMW Lifestyle section.  They look pretty good.  $40.00

Porsche Design has also come out with a set of driving gloves; they are clearly the flashiest and pose-y out of the bunch…but they look pretty good.  $190.00

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Lamborghini driving gloves.


My search for the ‘ultimate driving glove’ continues….here are some “Diablo” driving gloves, sold directly by Lamborghini through their online store.  NOT cheap at $136 a pair, but that Gallardo wheel button looks pretty damn sweet.

LINK: http://store.lamborghini.com/index.php/eshop/product/Automobili%20Lamborghini-Diablo-Gloves.html?a=/1/pid/23783/frmCatID/1865/

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