RIP Lancia.

So i’ve ‘liked’ the Lancia page on Facebook, and I continously have my posts deleted by the moderator of their FB page due to the frustration i vent when they show ‘excitement’ over their new product line.  The Bologna Auto Show is currently in effect in Italy.  Lancia had a few cars ‘under wraps’ (as if they were exciting ventures into automotive excellence).

When they were uncovered, i saw this—-and briefly whispered to myself “RIP Lancia”…..they have REALLY lost the plot over there.  Oh…and if that’s not bad enough, the other cars they are showing at the Lancia area of the show are Chryslers *head in hands*

WTF is this crap!? a Lancia? OH REALLY?

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8 thoughts on “RIP Lancia.

  1. Feketelaszlo says:

    How should it be “more Lancia”? I don’t understand what is the problem with this, of course it’s not a Stratos, but there is nothing wrong with this Ypsilon, one of my teachers has an old Y too. If you take a closer look at Lancia’s history they were never a sport and luxury car maker, they just always gave a little bit more than others, like Volvo. Oh and if you think about it in details: the Ypsilon is very lightweight, so it feels good to drive even with a smaller engine, but after all it’s made mainly for feminine audience,..

    • Syed says:

      nooooooo! i think you need to read your Lancia history, my friend! Lancia was always ahead of the game, and considered very luxurious. The Fulvia was the same price as an E-Type Jag when it came out…..and Lancia NEVER built econoboxes…they always built expensive, well appointed cars from the Flaminia to the Aurelia and Fulvia. Lancia only started to move downscale and downbudget in the 80s…but even in the 80s, they still used the same formula as the past; motorsport, powerful, and luxurious. Lancia never stood for ‘practicality’….it was always sport and luxury.

      • Feketelaszlo says:

        Yeah, that’s why they will make the New Stratos, not? But it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t make a small womans car that can compete with the Smarts and others. And this is not even a big change to the last Ypsilon (which is made since 1996). Everyone’s car line-up is getting more and more types , and to be honest I much more like Lancia making a small car than making a Lancia SUV or a Lancia crossover. And if you ask me, the Ypsilons are not so popular cars that you can see them on every corner, they can be called luxury, while remaining small (unlike the Mini for example).
        And about Lancia’s small car history: does the name Appia sounds familiar to you? In relations with the 1950s, I don’t think they sell more Ypsilon then Appia in those days. So leave alone the Ypsilon, only crazy Lancia-lover woman will buy them, who hate the blonde pink VW Beetlees and the ugly retro Minis, but couldn’t pay for a DS3 while she wants something in the size of a Smart.
        In overall the Lancia Ypsilon is good, so leave it alone.

  2. i think i’ve thought this for awhile now. i remember seeing this for the first time and thinking how godawful hideous the new delta is:

    • Syed says:

      the new Delta is a pretty poor ruining of a good name….it will be coming to the US market next year, as a Chrysler. If they made another “Integrale” i would be paying attention….however the way Fiat is running Lancia at the moment—-i am guessing they will market this as a ‘luxury’ hatchback with no real sporting presence…..massive FAIL.

  3. Automobiliac says:

    I think lancia is proof that Italian brand management is nonexistent at the moment.

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