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oh Lancia you crack me up!

There’s no point in posting the ‘exterior’ of the new Lancia Ypsilon—because it is about as attractive as a pimple on a toad.  After seeing the photo of the interior, however—i was reminded of something.  But i couldn’t quite figure it out!  I have never seen such an awkward pattern on the seats of a car….and then i remembered what it reminded me of! Surely the target audience has now been figured out.

BTW, this horrendous little car will be coming to the US as a Chrysler soon; not much of a surprise, i suppose.  What an embarassing end stage to a great marque..

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RIP Lancia.

So i’ve ‘liked’ the Lancia page on Facebook, and I continously have my posts deleted by the moderator of their FB page due to the frustration i vent when they show ‘excitement’ over their new product line.  The Bologna Auto Show is currently in effect in Italy.  Lancia had a few cars ‘under wraps’ (as if they were exciting ventures into automotive excellence).

When they were uncovered, i saw this—-and briefly whispered to myself “RIP Lancia”…..they have REALLY lost the plot over there.  Oh…and if that’s not bad enough, the other cars they are showing at the Lancia area of the show are Chryslers *head in hands*

WTF is this crap!? a Lancia? OH REALLY?


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