how Ferrari tried to make a Lamborghini…and failed.

Ferraris are boring.  This one is no different.  What is worse then seeing a ‘new’ Ferrari with publicity photos showing a “red” Ferrari.  Ugh.  Might as well dig out your beloved Backstreet Boys records and put on a cap with a “Polo” horse on it.  Ferraris are cheesy.  This one is no different.  A gimmick for the 80 year-old Millionaire who wants to impress their friends with a new Ferrari.  Well, Mr. 80-year-old-man-who-buys-your-friends; here is your new car! This time it is in AWD so you don’t crash and break one of your fragile hips!

Lamborghini should have proceeded with their plans to ‘renew’ the Espada a few years ago….and destroyed this.


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One thought on “how Ferrari tried to make a Lamborghini…and failed.

  1. Feketelaszlo says:

    I think they just saw how popular was the limited-edition 456 Venice, and they decided to make a shooting brake sportscar, for me it seems logical. Oh and if I would be a 80-yeas old millionaire I’m sure wouldn’t like a Family-Ferrari (FF). Millionaires always buy roadsters and convertibles like the California. The FF is for those 30-years old millionaires who would like to bring the kids to school with a Ferrari. Cool.
    And to be honest it doesn’t reminds me to the Espada, rather the Porsche 924/944 (also limited-edition) shooting breaks and the Lotus Elite. Those were sexy as well as this Family-Ferrari. I want one.

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