art of the day. 560 SEC.

A pencil drawing, done by a DeviantArt member named Pizdexxx

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2 thoughts on “art of the day. 560 SEC.

  1. ikstece says:

    Well all I can do is bow, clap my hands and throw a wide smile on my face… although I’m a huge fan of an Audi brand this car is one of my ultimate vehicles. I would never guess you’re also keen on this top of the 80’s styling… enough said just another example of piece of art on four wheels…

    • Syed says:

      i totally agree with you about the SEC. It is an absolute classic….and 20 years from now, i would not be surprised if these cars look even better than they do now. I mean, size wise, they are VERY large! But i prefer these to the 80s 6-series (sharks) that BMW had….those were interesting, but they never had the prsence these had!

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