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The Boulevard.

“The Boulevard” by Gino Severini (c. 1911).  A part of the glorious Futurism movement.


src:  jacobcharleswilson


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A110 x-ray cut-out.

still the greatest car in the world….ever.  IEDEI = Alpine. Some things never change.

src: Renault Sport Official

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self portrait of the day.

c. 1911, by the fascinating Wyndham Lewis


src:  University of London

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This painting is by William Roberts and entitled “The Vorticists at The Restaurant De La Tour Eiffel”, from 1915—holding their copy of the Vorticist magazine “Blast” (issue #1).


src: Articles & Texticles

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“The Crowd”

I am intrigued by Wyndham Lewis; the founder of the Vorticism movement of the early 1910s in the UK.  It’s been less than 24 hours since I discovered the art and writings of this fine man, yet I am thoroughly fascinated.  I have always been taken by the exhuberant Italian Futurism movement of those times, and Mr. Lewis’ adventures seem like the UK’s answer to those Futurist claims.  In addition to being a superb artist, Lewis also wrote several books and literary pieces.  More on Wyndham Lewis in a future IEDEI post.

this painting is entitled “The Crowd”:

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art of the day. Three’s Company.

Le Mans-inspired, by Paul Holroyd

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art of the day. Speed 6 and Speed 8.

In celebration of upcoming Le Mans 2012—-here are two fantastic illustrations by Peter Hutton

The Le Mans-conquering Bentley Speed 6 and Bentley Speed 8. 

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art of the day. CD.

Beautiful painting by Meier, of the superb Panhard-Levassor CD #53 car which raced in the 1962 Le Mans. It also came in 1st place for the “Performance Index” (calculated by Performance: Energy ratio).

src:  routeNational

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art: Leonello Design.

Leonello Design is a design company affiliated with the likes of Centro Stile Alfa Romeo, Zagato, and Touring Superleggera—-working on scale models and designs for them and other projects.

I’m not sure if any of them are available as prints or not, as not much is mentioned on their site.


src: Leonello

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art of the day. maserati.

beautiful oil painting by Andrea Del Pesco of Maseratis getting ready in the pits, 1956.

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the illustrations of Peter Hutton.

These are very cool and very original.  I especially love the way he annotates information about the cars above the angular cutaway sketches.  The Maserati 250 T-shirt is quite nice, although too red for me to order unfortunately.  Prints and cards are quite affordable—a nice place to pick up a few gifts for yourself or a petrolhead in your lives.

http://www.peterhuttonillustrator.com/products via Ecurie

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art of the day. A110.

What a fantastic sketch….

from Clovis Images via Alpine Portugal

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art of the day. A110

Got this from the fantastic Alpine Portugal page

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art of the day. nuvolari.

i’ve always been a huge fan of Rob Ijbema‘ s artwork—-i will buy a painting one of these days.   Here’s another one by him of Nuvolari in his glorious Auto Union.

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art of the day. A110.

illustrated by Guy Allen. see more pics and link to more info at Motoring Con Brio

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art of the day. 560 SEC.

A pencil drawing, done by a DeviantArt member named Pizdexxx

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Artist of the day: Xander Walker

Xander Walker (http://strassenversion.blogspot.com) is someone I have known for a while through The Auto Union community.  A few weeks ago, a bunch of us met up for a dinner in Manhattan, and Xander introduced us to his fantastic artwork.  I was blown away by the uniqueness and individualistic style of these paintings; and I can firmly say that they are WELL worth the humble $15 to $30 asking price he has put up for the pieces.  Each one is hand signed, and perfect for framing.  Speaking of which, I need to find time to get to a framing shop to buy a suitable frame for the 2 paintings I own by him.  Each painting is hand finished and limited edition.   Each piece is 24 x 17″ and packaged well!

In addition to the Alpine A110 pictured above (which obviously i DO have!!), here are some others available from Xander’s Etsy store:

ENTER “IEDEI” to get 20% off at the checkout! —Thanks Xander


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art of the day. fulvia.

done by Klem on deviantart

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art of the day. streamliner.

The superb work of Rob Ijbema, as shown on IEDEI before…..


click to enlarge


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art of the day. gt40.

1967 Ford GT40 @ Le Mans

artist unknown (to me, at least)


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art of the day. atlantic.

in honor of the recently auctioned and  record setting $30 million BUGATTI TYPE  57SC ATLANTIC (Atlantique) which was owned by the late car collector and neurologist Dr. Peter Williamson

I met Dr. Williamson once, and he showed me around his Bugatti Type 35B.  He was a gentleman and a good guy.  Sad to see his Bugatti collection now being parted out after his death…

i’m not sure who the artist of this great piece is…

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