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A110 x-ray cut-out.

still the greatest car in the world….ever.  IEDEI = Alpine. Some things never change.

src: Renault Sport Official

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the machine age.

“The Machine Age” by artist unknown (circa 1916, although thought to be a Vorticist drawing)

This drawing is on sale at Young & Son for a price not listed.

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art of the day. 1200c

NSU 1200c cutaway, with lots of arrows!

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art of the day. Stratos.

A lovely sketch by the talented Rob Ijbema, which i’ve enthused about many times here…

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art of the day. Speed 6 and Speed 8.

In celebration of upcoming Le Mans 2012—-here are two fantastic illustrations by Peter Hutton

The Le Mans-conquering Bentley Speed 6 and Bentley Speed 8. 

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art of the day. NSU.

These are renderings done for the NSU TT and the GT Legends computer game series…..I just thought they looked pretty beautiful.  Nice and grey.

src:  virtualR

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art of the day. 928.

1978 Porsche 928 cutaway drawing! Bill A. will like this!

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idea of the day: closed cockpit F1?

Well that’s interesting to wonder if F1 cars could ever be closed cockpit.  This rendering was done by Iacoski and apparently inspired by Massa’s accident in 2009 where he got nailed in the head by debris!

Whatever you think about it, the rendering is definitely nicely done and very interesting!  Something to think about…

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art of the day. A210.

Automobiliac had posted all sorts of wonderful Elf card scans last year, and this Alpine A210 diagram was from the backside of the scan you can find on the link above! Make sure you check out search his site for all the other Elf card scans…which are great.


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art of the day. montreal cutaway.

Alfa Romeo Montreal;  easily one of my top 3 Alfas ever…look at that lumpy V8 muscle hanging over the front wheels!

src: hoellemeister

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NSU 1200c diagrams.

Rear engined & compact madness! the 1971 NSU 1200C

src: smcars

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the illustrations of Peter Hutton.

These are very cool and very original.  I especially love the way he annotates information about the cars above the angular cutaway sketches.  The Maserati 250 T-shirt is quite nice, although too red for me to order unfortunately.  Prints and cards are quite affordable—a nice place to pick up a few gifts for yourself or a petrolhead in your lives.

http://www.peterhuttonillustrator.com/products via Ecurie

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art of the day. A110.

What a fantastic sketch….

from Clovis Images via Alpine Portugal

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art of the day. A110

Got this from the fantastic Alpine Portugal page

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art of the day. A110.

illustrated by Guy Allen. see more pics and link to more info at Motoring Con Brio

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art of the day. A110.

this is an amazing commissioned drawing of the Alpine A110 by the superb automotive painter, Miha Furlan

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cutout: 131 Abarth.

Fiat 131 Abarth cutout.

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art of the day. 560 SEC.

A pencil drawing, done by a DeviantArt member named Pizdexxx

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art of the day. fulvia.

done by Klem on deviantart

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foto of the day. B20.

From a vintage auto parts book….so cool.  One of the most beautiful cars ever.  The Lancia Aurelia B20 GT.

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Audi & the design of “inward flow”


Well i gotta give it to Audi, not just because they are my favourite car company, but because they are the only company I can think of who are currently designing cars which will look classic in 10, 20, or 30 years from now (pardon me Alfa Romeo, but you’re kinda losing it).  They are the only company I can think of who have attention to detail.  The evidence for this is in the brand new Audi A7 introduced this past week in Germany.   The rear end of the new A7 has been getting under my skin since the introduction….and now i know why.

The back end flows inwards, going back towards the body.  Sure there is a bumper, however this inward flow hasn’t been used in many modern cars….until now. They have brought back the inward flow of the rear end!  I know Alfa Romeo have used this ‘inward flow’ (as i refer to it) in their 8c Competizione, however it was a bit overdone with the weird round tail light, but i’m not complaining! The 8c was a stunningly designed car.  I think Corvettes and special edition cars like the Ford GT also used this, but when have you recently seen it on a production sedan? i can’t remember any car in the last 10 or 20 years with this….production sedan, shall is say.

Alfa Romeo has a long history of sports cars with this inward flow, I generally recollect one of my favourite Alfa Romeos, the superb Montreal:

Audi claims their inspiration for the new style rear-end comes from them analyzing the 1970s Audi 100 Coupes and i can definitely see what they were looking at…..in fact, i think this new car has more similarity to that design than any other current Audi.

Apparently, this was a very conscious effort to consider ‘older’ designs when designing the A7.  Check out this drawing that Audi issued to the press about the influences of the A7 design.

It seems though, that Lamborghini has been flirting with this idea for a while!  Well at least in concept form.  Check out the Lamborghini Estoque Concept and the Lamborghini Miura Concept from the past several years.  Same indented inward flow rear end.  Lamborghini, however, is a company essentially operated by Audi, so this isn’t surprising at all….

So what do you guys think about this? will this set a trend and bring this design sense back into the currently lackluster japanese & korean-influenced automotive design world? Can Audi influence other car makers to bring something new & old back into design?  Alfa Romeo from a few years ago (2000-2007) really influenced alot of automotive design, however it didn’t last…..but I feel that Audi has already caused all these companies to use “big grilles”….can they get the rest of the industry to throw a bit of retro in the game? I hope so.

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art of the day. SLR.

artist: Paul Chenard

scene: Peter Collins driving a 300 SLR through Targa Florio in 1955.

great stuff by Mr. Chenard, as always…


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