Tag Heuer Monza; 2011 edition!

I own one of the 2003 edition Tag Heuer Monzas, and have always lusted after the ‘older’ ones, however I have only recently learned that my Monza has much in common with the original 1933 Heuer Chronograph as originally I had been thinking that it was more like a Heuer Camaro than anything else—-I was wrong!  Very interesting.

Tag Heuer, after discontinuing my version of the Monza a few years ago—-in typical Tag Heuer fashion—has reissued the watch in a ‘new’ ode-to-1933 version.

here’s a great link to an article comparing the 2000 Tag Heuer Monza to the original 1933 Chronograph and the NEW 2011 Tag Heuer Monza


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7 thoughts on “Tag Heuer Monza; 2011 edition!

  1. Automobiliac says:

    Funny how they left out the original Monza, which is from 1976…

    • Syed says:

      i love the 1976 Monza….but the 2000/2003 reissue really wasn’t modeled after it aside from by name. In that article though, they do discuss how the 70s Monza was a rebadged Carrera….and how the 2000 Monza was a reissue of the ’33 Chronograph….i think the Monza name is just being whored out really!

  2. Automobiliac says:

    Yeah seriously! BUT the 1970s monza was the first watch Heuer named “Monza” therefore any “re-edition” called Monza should logically be of that watch. Also, it wasnt a “re-badged” carrera, but it shared case with that model of carrera. My aggravation comes with the fact that they are assigning the Monza name to a watch that was never called Monza originally, all the while ignoring the existence of the ACTUAL Monza they DID make! It is sort of absurd!

    • Syed says:

      in summary—-my Monza, as well as the current reissue—are using the casing style from the 1933 Chronograph—–which was then used in the Camaro—-and then re-used in these Monzas—-which stole the name off a watch with the casing from a Carrera which was called Monza…..i think they just didn’t wanna use the name ‘Camaro” when they were reissuing it back in 2000….LOL..so they took the name Monza! that’s my version of the story……i don’t care really…i want them all.

  3. Automobiliac says:

    Like they just doubled down on their previous naming mistake…

  4. Automobiliac says:

    Actually, this watch’s case is really not the same as the camaro at all. They both happen to be square or “cushion” style cases but side by side they are totally different…Just sayin’

    • Syed says:

      i am looking at my 2003 Monza, and side by side photos of the Camaro….and they are pretty much identical in casing.

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