video of the day. Veyron vs. ‘Switzer’ GT-R

Well this video is pretty mindblowing.  I’m a huge fan of the immense extravagance of the Bugatti Veyron; i think it is one of the great technologic achievements in motoring——what what in the world is powering that GT-R in the video?

So i looked up what a “Switzer” GT-R is, and I have found that it is the 800hp ‘tuned’ version called the “P800”, costing between $50k-$100k to complete.   Apparently now there is a 1000hp version called the P1k as well now.

Well I suppose this is where IEDEI will start its coverage of the GT-R——I have a new appreciation for the car since sitting in one for the first time yesterday—-and I haven’t even driven it yet.

BTW—-i have no idea what is the deal with this video, is it rigged? is it real? i have no idea.

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2 thoughts on “video of the day. Veyron vs. ‘Switzer’ GT-R

  1. somehow, matte black on a gt-r just looks right.

  2. Jon says:

    Racing in the rain?

    Driver’s side window open?

    No helmets?

    I suspect the Bugatti owner didn’t have his secondary key in to enable the full horsepower or he ran out of testicle at 150.

    In the second run when he reverses the camera, you can see the rear wing is up, which confirms the car was not in the full 1600hp/high speed mode.

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