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the Nissan GT-R (KPGC10)

src: eGarage (via Colla Verglas)

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video of the day. Veyron vs. ‘Switzer’ GT-R

Well this video is pretty mindblowing.  I’m a huge fan of the immense extravagance of the Bugatti Veyron; i think it is one of the great technologic achievements in motoring——what what in the world is powering that GT-R in the video?

So i looked up what a “Switzer” GT-R is, and I have found that it is the 800hp ‘tuned’ version called the “P800”, costing between $50k-$100k to complete.   Apparently now there is a 1000hp version called the P1k as well now.

Well I suppose this is where IEDEI will start its coverage of the GT-R——I have a new appreciation for the car since sitting in one for the first time yesterday—-and I haven’t even driven it yet.

BTW—-i have no idea what is the deal with this video, is it rigged? is it real? i have no idea.

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IEDEI @ the car wash.

I haven’t washed the TT in what feels like months.  It had started to look like a Jackson Pollock painting—-so today, after hours of work this weekend—i decided to take the car in for a wash.  I really don’t like washing my own car—it is a time consuming flush of an activity! So i’d much rather pay others to do it, which is exactly what I did at my local Brooklyn hand wash.  I was joined by some interesting company.

(today i realised my car is quite low…as the R8 was almost the same height)

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