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video of the day. Veyron vs. ‘Switzer’ GT-R

Well this video is pretty mindblowing.  I’m a huge fan of the immense extravagance of the Bugatti Veyron; i think it is one of the great technologic achievements in motoring——what what in the world is powering that GT-R in the video?

So i looked up what a “Switzer” GT-R is, and I have found that it is the 800hp ‘tuned’ version called the “P800”, costing between $50k-$100k to complete.   Apparently now there is a 1000hp version called the P1k as well now.

Well I suppose this is where IEDEI will start its coverage of the GT-R——I have a new appreciation for the car since sitting in one for the first time yesterday—-and I haven’t even driven it yet.

BTW—-i have no idea what is the deal with this video, is it rigged? is it real? i have no idea.

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Alfa Romeo copies a bunch of cars..calls it the 4C

Alfa Romeo have copied the Veyron. Alfa Romeo have copied an Artega GT.  Alfa Romeo have made a thicker Elise.  Alfa Romeo have copied the Seat Cupra GT Cup Car.  I am utterly offended by this car.  That is truly the first time I have said that about an Alfa in recent memory—-i even got excited when the Mito and the Giuletta were introduced; because at least they looked like an Alfa or had some originality.  This truly looks like a 3rd rate copy of an Artega GT…..F for effort.

(bottom photo from Autoblog)

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the $259,000 ‘bargain’ Bugatti.

not sure of the official HP figures, but this Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport watch costs a lovely $259,000.  Perfect for the Bugatti Super Sport owner in your life.



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Ron Dennis is a moron.

Ron Dennis has always been a whining dork, from the days of the McLaren F1 team and his constant denial and complaining about rules, races, and results. Alright, so i don’t care if Ron Dennis doesn’t like the Bugatti Veyron, knowing he has such close ties to McLaren and the McLaren F1, however to call one of the greatest pieces of automotive engineering a “piece of junk” is a bit of a jealous rant, innit?  I don’t think anyone can deny the abillity of the Veyron, no matter how much one doesn’t like it or doesn’t think it’s all it’s cracked up to be.  However, the sort of comment Dennis gave is one that shows me he is simply frustrated and isn’t really thinking clearly when it comes to making a comment about the Bugatti.  Nice one Ron, you sound like a 15 year-old kid at the parking lot with a rusty civic, who calls an M3 or an S4 “junk” because it’s not theirs….

IEDEI VERDICT? I think the Veyron would handily out-accelerate the McLaren F1 after speeds of 120 MPH…..whether the Top Gear test was ‘staged’ or not doesn’t affect my opinion….but the Veyron clearly has MUCH more power, great aerodynamics, and a proven top speed greater than the F1.  NOBODY is going to deny that the Macca F1 was a great car, but it is not invincible.  He also mentions the Veyron would get ‘bogged’ for launch after the clutch was dropped—-BUT THE VEYRON HAS NO CLUTCH!  Fail.  End of story.

STORY: http://www.wheels24.co.za/News/General_News/Veyron-Top-Gear-race-faked-20100412

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foto of the day. 01302010.

the long lost Bugatti Chiron

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