foto of the day. Islero.

I’ve always loved the Miura  and the Espada, but the 3rd classic Lamborghini which i’ve always loved is the Islero.  Arguably rarer than the other 2 (only 225 Isleros were made), completely underappreciated, and in my opinion easily one of the coolest cars made in the 60s.  why?  because it may be the most understated Lamborghini ever made—-with classic coupe lines designed by (unknown at the time) Mario Marazzi, handsome & unique profile, one-of-a-kind taillights, and much improved driving dynamics to 350 and 400gt.   The Islero never really caught on as it was overshadowed by the Espada at the time, however I think it’s a damn shame—-as this is truly the gentleman’s Lamborghini.   Supposedly Ferrucio was more involved with this car’s development than any other Lamborghini which came out under his name…


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3 thoughts on “foto of the day. Islero.

  1. Automobiliac says:

    Of the “red-headed stepchild” Lambos I have to say I prefer the Urraco over the Islero. For me it goes Miura, Espada, then first gen Countach, then Urraco. The Islero has a lot of class, I must say.

    • Syed says:

      i like the Urraco….but it is kinda trashy…haha…but still cool. I think the Islero is unique for it’s ‘formal’ understated style….i just love how ‘un-lamborghini’ it is, but at the same time very much one.

  2. Automobiliac says:

    Yea the Urraco is sort of trashy but also very “high design” 70s wedge and has aged rather well. A Black one with gold wheels looks sensational.

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