BMW M1 “Procar” series

Firstly, apologies for the lack of updates on the IEDEI Blog lately—-i have been battling a lack of time attributed to my job (i do have another job y’know!), but have no fear—-there is plenty of content waiting to unfold here with due time.  I still owe you all a big Petit Le Mans report—-which is still being curated.

The BMW M1 was specifically created for racing—–and it has to be one of the coolest production race cars built.  It’s unfortunate BMW strayed from this path, and has yet to produce anything to even remotely put up a show against the mighty Audi R8.  Hopefully one of these days, they’ll come to their senses—-and build ‘another’ M1 or something of the same caliber.

Meanwhile, here are some grand photos of the mighty BMW M1 in racing glory


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2 thoughts on “BMW M1 “Procar” series

  1. james says:

    love the pics, love the blog. You’re a staple of my Bookmarks Bar.

  2. Was one of the drivers Nelson Piquet?

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