Updated Audi E-Tron Spyder

Moments after posting “bootleg” photos of the Audi E-Tron Spyder busted in California on Audiphile, i found Audi social media publishing the ‘official’ photos.  The E-Tron Spyder has been updated and been given some styling tweaks since its original iteration at the Paris Auto Show, and I have to say it looks greater than ever.  I still want the Coupe version though!  Still all types of goodness going on here.  I’m more curious about the “twin electric engines” though…..what’s that all about!?  Electric cars…..errr….I am still not convinced.

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2 thoughts on “Updated Audi E-Tron Spyder

  1. Rob says:

    I’m glad the vulgarity in Design of a Ferrari Testarossa is back!

  2. Automobiliac says:

    The front looks like an electric shaver. I like the overall feel, but there are too many horizontal strakes as Rob mentions above. And those turbine wheels look just like the ones on the Saab Phoenix. You can definitely see a lot of evidence of the Quattro concept in this car from the side view. It’s almost like a mid-engined roadster version of that car. There is also something vaguely Aston Martin about the design that I can’t put my finger on…

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