centerfold: 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA.

gutted. lusty. restored. wow.  all it needs is a little bit of dirt…

src: alfaholics via coolerthanbefore

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5 thoughts on “centerfold: 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA.

  1. alfaholics = pornographers

  2. Gilberto says:

    Can I reblog this?

  3. Gilberto says:

    Reblogged this on NARROW LANES and commented:
    Race prepped 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA.

  4. Mike Knight says:

    The guys at Alfaholics do like their, errr… Alfas, and typical of English enthusiasts work from a grotty shed and produce this stuff. Undoubtedly it will get raced and bumped and covered with in field dirty.

    But this is not a real GTA as far as I can tell. The real ones are incredibly rough, they came from the factory rough. The aluminium panels are just roughly pop riveted in place – so the roof, which is roughly cut out and an aluminium sheet popped in place shows distinct lines of rivets down the roof gutters.

    Really nice all the same

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