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centerfold: 1965 Alfa Romeo GTA.

gutted. lusty. restored. wow.  all it needs is a little bit of dirt…

src: alfaholics via coolerthanbefore

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foto of the day. gtam.

Alfa Romeo GTAM

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foto of the day.

click through foto 2 times to get hi-res version

alfa romeo gtam

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The car FIAT (Alfa Romeo) needs to bring to the USA…

Well, it’s been years of keeping fingers crossed for Alfa Romeos and Fiats to start coming to the USA.  Every few months, I see a ‘new’ article stating FIAT’s intent or specific predictions of import plans, or ‘new’ ideas of how FIAT will support bringing their italian-bred machinery back to the US market.

ALFA ROMEO 149 GTA (Milano)

Alfa Romeo 149 GTA

So it’s too late to ask for a 147 GTA as it is being soon discontinued in favour of the new 149.  Which is why we are gonna ask for that!  A lower priced, italian hatchback with some guts and style is EXACTLY what Alfa Romeo should bring to the US market upon their return.  I really hope they don’t blur clear thoughts and think that all they need to bring back are ‘luxury’ cars….Alfa needs to bring cars with SOUL.  Small cars that feel more expensive, perform well, and are fun to own.  I can’t think of anything better than a GTA hatchback for the resurrection of the Alfa Romeo brand in the USA.

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video: Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA

Looks like the Suzuka circuit in Japan…..GLORIOUS sounds coming out of that GTA.

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more alfas….

oh yeah!


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Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA & Alfa Romeo GTAM video…

There’s a new promo video out for the brand new Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA, which features an original Alfa Romeo GTAM going against it on a track.  It’s amazing just how HUGE the MiTo GTA looks in this video, compared to the tiny GTAM.  Might i remind you that MiTo is not a large car by any means…it is currently the smallest car Alfa sells—just goes to show you how different standards are now in cars relating to size, etc…

It’s a very cool little car though, the MiTo GTA….a throwback to the old school Alfa Romeos.  Small and quick, with lots of attitude.  I hope Fiat & Chrysler go through with this planned merger…and the MiTo GTA gets over here.

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the coolest Alfa Romeo GTA video….EVER.

I’ve watched this video probably a bazillion times since i first saw it a few years ago….and i never get tired of it. 6 minutes of heaven!

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