foto of the day. the coolest rear view mirror!

The Audi R18‘s digital rear view mirror.  The R18 has no rear visibility aside from the side-mounted mirrors.  This is a very cool, tech solution is an active matrix OLED display with excellent image and screen quality.   On top of that, there are NIGHT and DAY settings, to avoid headlights glaring at night and to avoid sun glare in the day.

src:  Fourtitude

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4 thoughts on “foto of the day. the coolest rear view mirror!

  1. Automobiliac says:

    Let’s hope Allan McNish uses that to his advantage this year.

  2. 48kylekorth says:

    Glad I found this today. I never knew these digital rearview mirrors have made it to an application beside concept cars.

    • Syed says:

      yeah, me either! Although in this application there is specific function as these race cars have minimal or no rear visibility….although in production cars I would think there is no indication to use them unless there are filters or added benefits to having a digital image as opposed to an accurate mirror reflection.

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