A110-50 around Monaco!

This car has already become a chameleon, donning at least 4 different types of wheels from all the photos i’ve seen so far.  Well here are some great shots of it around the Monaco circuit today!

(click to get hi-resolution pics!)

src:  Renault

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18 thoughts on “A110-50 around Monaco!

  1. xander says:

    man i wish more than ever that lotus wasnt affiliated with Renault F1. the car would have this color scheme instead of the false nostalgia of the black and gold.

  2. GuitarSlinger says:

    The A110-50 IMHO looks like an overweight , oversized Lotus Exige on Botox and steroids .. with one too many cases of Bud in its gut and Makeup by Lady Gaga . The worst thing being Renault attaching the A110 name from that lithe little beauty of old to this excessive OTT and pretentious attempt at creating a ( not so ) Supercar .

    Honestly this looks like more like a Japanese Anime’ cartoon ‘ car ‘ . What were those designers thinking when they came up with this ? April Fools in May perhaps ?

    • Syed says:

      NOPE. it weighs 880kg…that’s less than the current Exige. If you don’t like the content…you don’t have to look….or comment.

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  4. Etienne says:

    The rumour is “production or racing is unlikely”…why then, tease us with such a wonderful machine?

    • Syed says:

      Etienne: I read the plan is to produce an entire line of Alpines for the street…..in fact the interview i read with Tavares stated that he wants multiple Alpine models on sale. I think this concept is just to excite everyone for the marque to return. I would LOVE to see the A110-50 go into racing, where it belongs! Would be amazing to see it in the GT class at Le Mans!

      • Etienne says:

        I agree! I sincerely hope they will be produced. I am often pleasantly surprised by the odd A310 and A610 here in Switzerland. A classic car dealer friend of mine in Geneva sometimes have had a few for sale. And of course I do see the odd A110 around too! The prices are still in totally silly territory, and the resurrection of the brand will likely make them climb even more. Thanks for a great blog!

  5. Etienne says:

    …and they really must remove those creepy-looking eyes near the windscreen, it looks like a character from “Cars”. (I understand they must be filler-caps or something).

  6. Markus says:

    IEDEI is the only place were i could share what is for me the biggest disappointement of the week if not of the month !
    Because i know this place as totally dedicated to the illustrious memory of the little french blue icon : the A110.
    What did we got since 48H00 ? A Megane trophy in disguise ! Even the Nissan V6 is still fitted inside ! Shaaaaaame !
    The true Renault Sport 4cyl. 2.0 was the only choice for an hommage to the A110. About the lines and curves of the body shell , i share many people point of view…..an overheated marshmallow teinted in blue , ending with a big fat ass…..
    Ho , i don’t want to be cynical , nor masochistic , i’m just so sad !
    I’m a real , deep , true passionate lover of the Alpine cars , but for sure , if win the Jackpot tomorrow , i’ll put my money in real A110 , or an A310 ( fitted with Boulogne’s pack of course ! ) , maybe in a true Megane Trophy racer if i can’t find one , but certainly not in such a……banal thing.
    Hoo , i’m so sad.

    • kww says:

      This is true! This is a styling exercise atop a Megane Trophy chassis with the same Nissan engine. The Trophy is a phenomonal auto, but it an Alpine, it is not. And by not, I mean it is not light weight (don’t compare a street legal Lotus to a race only Alpine/Megane), it is not powered by a 4 cylinder engine, and it is not semi-affordable.

      If you can, pick up the “Megane Trophy by Renault Sport” by l’Autodrome publishers, a very nice bi-lingual book.

      • Syed says:

        i’m not sure what you guys mean by it ‘not being an Alpine’…….the origins of Alpines were based off of different cars. The engine was from a Renault R8, the chassis of early race cars were from Lotus…..the chassis of the road-going Alpines was from a 4CV. Alpine was never a ‘pure’ company making original parts…..they were gathering them from other cars. If you consider this, than this A110-50 is no different than Alpines from history……..there is nothing wrong with using a Megane Trophy race car as a basis IMO….especially since the Megane Trophy was actually developed by Renault Sport, which is currently housed in Dieppe; inside the original Alpine offices with some of the same employees.

        • kww says:

          Simply put, Alpines always had Renault engines.

          • Syed says:

            this is 2012 now….not 1962. Renault and Nissan are in bed together…..so a Renault using a Nissan engine isn’t out of the question. I 100% agree with you that the heritage of Alpine is to use a Renault engine….however times have changed and we cannot expect all traditions to continue.

    • Syed says:

      markus—i think we have to remember that Jean Redele is long gone…..and when a founder of a company as prolific as him is gone, the company he founded is going to be in the hands of whomever owns them—-in this case, Renault. The reality is that Alpine was already run solely by Renault for many years since the A110 and it’s glory days of french blue racing. Alpine, as it existed, is for all intensive purposes *IS* Renaultsport. I can see how you may not like this concept—-for it is futuristic and different than the rest of the Alpine range.

      I share your enthusiasm for Alpine….very much so. However, there is much to like about this concept. (A) it revives the idea of Alpine, (B) the purpose of this concept was not to necessarily produce it, however to revive the idea of an Alpine range of production cars, and (C) to create a link between the past and now.

      The germans do this all the time, by creating ‘new’ versions or interpretations of older ideas, and I think it’s about time the French do it as well, in my opinion! This is a celebration of the past, with an eye to the future.

  7. Razvan says:

    I would really like that the Alpine brand would be ressurected.Here in Europe Renaults are seen as honest vehicles that do their job and look different.

    They lack a performance brand (besides Renaultsport).

    Sadly this is just a marketing exercise,I don`t see this being made(private team racing maybe? )

    • Syed says:

      Razvan, as far as i can tell—-this car is meant to relaunch the Alpine badge….and in the words of Carlos Tavares (chief operation officer), there will be an entire range of Alpine street cars.

      I do agree that this A110-50 concept will never really see the race track OR the street….but i think this is to fire the imagination.

  8. Markus says:

    Syed ,
    thanks for the reply , i understand your point of view ,thought it doesn’t soften my disappointement…. 🙂
    About the global concept , it’s just ” let’s take an already rolling car , put anything painted in blue on it , and call it Alpine…then advertise ”
    I’m a bit angry against Reanult , because when you decide to advertise during such a big event as the Monaco GP , you better do it well , very very well.
    Almost 23 years ago , i had the very special luck to close of the launch of the “Renault Laguna concept car”….remenber that lovely barquette ?
    A tubeframe chassis , fitted with a R21 2.0L turbo engine , designed by J.P Ploue……that was simple , that was pure , and even if it was obviously a “one shot” exercise , it was 200 % more Alpine’s spirit than the A110-50.
    Let’s face it , the Megane trophy chassis is a stunning brilliant race car , but like many , a very very expensive one….and certainly a nightmare to drive on open roads.
    The Nissan engine is a very sexy piece of machinery , but the 2.0L Turbo of the Megane could have been a more ” in the spirit ” choice.
    For me , the A110-50 is too much extreme for a possible release , or should have been more extreme for a concept car. By more extreme , i don’t mean more power or more wings ( eeeerg , i really this one on the current project ! ) , but simply a totally dedicated chassis allowing a more radical and unique design , and a real cockpit too.
    In my mind , something like the Citroen “Survolt” is more in the spirit…..and guess who’s in charge of Citroen’s design dept……..J.P Ploue….weird isn’t it ? Hahaha…

    I must admit that this A110-50 forced me to type few words here , and this already a success 😉

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