foto of the day. 205 T16.

the phenomenal Peugeot 205 T16!

src:  carsMoveUs

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2 thoughts on “foto of the day. 205 T16.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Now you’re hitting on all my happy cylinders 😮 That car was magnificent . As much as I love the Lancia and admired the Quattro ….. nothing could hold a candle on Stage to the 205 T16. Watched its Pikes Peak version fly up the hill with Vatanen on board . Got to hag with Todt ( pre Ferrari obviously ) as well that weekend . Oh yeah baby ….. loves that 205T16 in all its guises

  2. Mick says:

    GuitarSlinger the best Pikes Peak with Vatanen was with the 405 T116 !

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