#7 Toyota takes out the Deltawing.

The Deltawing was an interesting concept, albeit not really competitive in any way….if anything it was getting in the way of most cars on the track.  That being said, it got nailed pretty hard by the #7 Toyota.


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3 thoughts on “#7 Toyota takes out the Deltawing.

  1. Britt says:

    Actually the Deltawing was competitive with the LMP2 cars, so you’re kinda wrong here…

    Le Mans was kinda dull this year once the toyotas and the DeltaWing were out. Then it became a foregone conclusion.

    Bring on 2014 and the return of Porsche!

    • Syed says:

      yes perhaps i was a bit harsh about its performance….it wasn’t up to LMP2 top contenders, but it wasn’t that far off the performance of their class.

      Porsche vs. Audi will be glorious…..although i wouldn’t doubt that Audi will still dominate for at least the next several years…..as their development is so far ahead of everyone else.

  2. booniefez says:

    Deltawing = pooh.

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