nearly 7 hours done. Standings…

The Toyotas started off fantastic, running 2 and 3 for quite a while.  As seen before, the #8 was in a terrible crash with a crappy Ferrari driver, and the #7 Toyota had contact with the Deltawing, causing major damage as the car has been stuck in the pits for ages now.   The #3 Audi R18 Ultra which was crashed is in 14th position right now, and the #7 Toyota is still in the pits, currently in 24th position.

That leaves Audi in #1, #2, and #3 with the e-tron quattro taking the top 2 positions thus far.  There are still 17 hours left to go, so nothing can be said about what is still remaining to happen.

The LMP2 category is solidly competitive at th emoment, with the #48 Oreca Nissan up in the lead with 2 Morgans less than a lap behind!  Great to see Morgan back in competition here!

The GTE pro and amateur classes are solidly led by the C6 ZR1 with nearest Aston Martin (my personal favourite in this class) a couple of laps behind (pro).

src for timing images:  baekdal live timing

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2 thoughts on “nearly 7 hours done. Standings…

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Once again an accidental assassin 458 driver takes out a major competitor , two having done so last year ( I’m a bit down in the weather and the race has proven a good distraction today ) LMS ALMS needs to seriously rethink the whole mandated amateur driver thing when it comes to 24 hour races with 200+ speeds

    Rock On Corvettes !

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