ad of the day. become a real driver again.

buy an Alfa Romeo Alfetta!  I don’t care that much for the car—–but it’s a hell-of-an ad!

src:  productionCars 

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3 thoughts on “ad of the day. become a real driver again.

  1. Automobiliac says:

    Those Alfetta Sport Sedans are actualyl supposed to be a blast to drive. It is basically the forerunner of the Milano/75. Not the prettiest design, but a great car and ultra cheap today.

  2. GuitarSlinger says:

    And to add to Automobiliac’s comment ( he’s right BTW ) You’re not a genuine , government inspected , grade A , bonafide Gearhead till you’ve had at least one Alfa in your garage . Thats not a Top Gear saying …… its been universal for decades ( Clarkson just grabbed onto it ) 😉

    First opportunity though Syed … get some seat time in a well sorted Alfa sedan . Jolie Laide looks to be certain … but one heck of a fine ride . Those 75’s w/the right mods can be really something ( remembint the 75 is the platform the SZ and RZ were based on )

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