ad of the day. Karma.

When I first saw the Fisker Karma, I wasn’t too keen on it.  But as time as gone by, I think it is a truly stunning & beautiful car with tremendous attention to detail; interior and exterior.  Henrik Fisker is a pretty interesting designer (he also designed 2 of my favourite modern designs; the BMW Z8 and Aston Martin AMV8), and I think he’s designed a pretty remarkable car.   I’d have one in black with the full Alcantara interior….and when I mean “full”….i mean REALLY full Alcantara interior (dash, steering wheel, console, seats, etc).  Wicked.

And it’s promoted with a pretty fantastic print ad!

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2 thoughts on “ad of the day. Karma.

  1. GuitarSlinger says:

    Syed ; I think you may of misunderstood my ” Fisker as the 21st Century DeLorean ‘ comment . The comment was aimed at the car and the man , not the design . Seeing as how the design has been the only thing Henrik Fisker has gotten right since the inception of his ( urp ) car company . Even the DOE etc have finally pulled all his Federal Funds , Loans etc recognizing what a sham the Fisker car and Henrik are ( while still dumping billions into Fiskers counterpart TESLA I might add ) In case you haven’t noticed its yours and my tax dollars funding these two ( the pretense of either being independent is a joke ) and if you hadn’t also noticed …. Neither has lived up to the terms of their Grants/Loans /Subsidies etc one iota

    Having said that though . The design .. as one would expect from Henrik Fisker is pretty decent . Too bad the car underneath is dreck and a fireball waiting to happen 😉

    • you couldn’t be more wrong…..Tesla is a scam….Fisker most definitely is not. I suggest you don’t just haphazardly clump companies together like that.

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