foto of the day. why am I behind the wheel of a Ferrari?

and which Ferrari?  How could this happen?

Many of you know I’m not really a fan of Ferraris……never was as a kid, and am still not today.  Without getting into the gory details of WHY I don’t like Ferraris much, I found it interesting sitting behind the wheel of this one —-as I actually quite liked the car.  Either way……it is worthy of a foto-of-the-day and had a nice Saturday spent in it being driven around random little out-of-city roads with the engine purring behind my overheated head.

See what happens when IEDEI sits inside a Ferrari?  The prancing horse logo starts to glow! ha.

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5 thoughts on “foto of the day. why am I behind the wheel of a Ferrari?

  1. guitarSlinger says:

    So …. its a 308 of one sort or another . But too bad the owner didn’t let you drive it . Then you’d know for certain why to like them . Until you’ve owned one . Then you’ll hate them . Ferraris’ being like an Italian mistress . Demanding / High maintenance / and Expensive and overall you don’t get your monies worth 😉

  2. Marino says:

    That is the instrument panel of the subtle and beautifully Bertone styled 308 GT4.
    Do I win one?

    • GuitarSlinger says:

      I think in light of the maintenance costs etc of the 308 GT4 , the appropriate comment , if you were given one would be ” Do I Lose ( all my money on ) One ? ” . Assuming it was the GT4 those things cost more than a V12 Ferrari to keep on the road

  3. Automobiliac says:

    What makes them so expensive to own, GuitarSlinger?

  4. SR71 says:

    Christ, GuitarSlinger, you’ve really got a grudge on them, don’t you? I just hate the way they look, although the cockpit looks really nice.

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