Bentley Continental GT3.

Bentley is coming back to Le Mans!  And would you just look at this beauty.  The Bentley Continental GT3.  Most excellent, sir.

I’m still trying to get over how i’ve posted 2 entries about the Bentley Continental in 1 week.   Don’t get the wrong idea….i’m not that into the Continental….or Bentleys for that matter…but both photos are quite interesting I must say.

Is this an Audi R8 in disguise? i’m almost certain it is.  Does this mean that Audi will be bringing the R8 to Le Mans after 2013? I would certainly assume so.  Domination in different classes is sure to ensue….


a video of the big beast in action:

src:  Audi Sport

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4 thoughts on “Bentley Continental GT3.

  1. milosbga says:

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  2. jumpingpolarbear says:

    That’s a bad ass car! :).

  3. David S says:

    Since this guy is a GT3 car, there’s not much chance of seeing it at Le Mans. That’s a rung below the GTE cars that run there now.

    Right now GT3 is “the” hot category for privateer teams competing in Europe and Asia; no fewer than five or six different series use the spec, and a couple series (like Grand-Am GT and VLN) use a spec very similar to GT3.

    As far as endurance events, you’re probably more likely to see him at the 24hr races at Spa, Dubai and the Nurburgring, and potentially in the newly “combined” Grand-Am / ALMS series, depending on how their classes shake out.

    Also while it’s probably borrowing pretty heavily from Audi Sport’s parts bin, and the R8 LMS is also a GT3 car, this car probably isn’t just an R8 in window dressing.

    For one thing it looks like the Conti would have to stretch everything behind the B-pillar to accommodate the R8’s mid-mounted engine. But the proportions are still the same as the roadgoing Conti, which is front-engined.

    As far as seeing one of the VW brands at Le Mans, don’t forget that Porsche still has plans to enter the series in 2014 with a prototype car.

    • Syed says:

      good points, David. you are right about the GT3 class being ‘private racers’. I suppose this plays out well with the history of Bentley being driven by privateers in the old days….that being said, there is a European Le Mans series which has now been further opened for accepting GT3 class cars.

      I think my imagination really would love to see a Bentley coupe racing in Le Mans! As for VW brands at Le Mans….obviously Audi has dominated for many years now, and yes Porsche are on their way back. It really will be interesting to see Porsche and Audi going at it…..superb, actually.

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