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Alfa Romeo Spider/Death of the Brera.

As i’ve found, the Alfa Romeo Brera is reaching the end of its production.  It was a beautiful original concept design, pretty much ruined for production (however STILL much better looking, even in ruined form, than most other cars out there), which never really translated into a glorious return to form for Alfa.  The Brera Spider was even a bigger fail; floppy, slow, and completely failure of a drive!

How did Alfa Romeo ruin the Brera? I don’t know, but they really did.

So i’m guessing this 2010 Pininfarina Spider Concept introduced last year will somehow find its way in as the next Alfa Romeo Spider.  I love the design, and i would LOVE to see a Coupe version of it……i think it would be a fitting successor to the design of the Brera.

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