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foto of the day. GTA (broken)

You gentlemen know that’ll buff right out, right?  Alfa Romeo GTA

src:  BaT FB

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art of the day. F1 deconstructed.

2011 Mercedes-Petronas F1 car; deconstructed with great delight!

src: mbca

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foto of the day. camber and toe.

sort it out, mate!

i don’t know much about this photo or where it’s from, except that It made me laugh.  Shared to me by Arman

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…and the most unreliable brand is: MINI!

I used to love the MINI, thought it was a great car for a great price.  As time has moved on—i’ve become more and more weary of them; maybe because there are so many of them on the road and maybe because they’ve started to simply look dated and boring now.  Once in a while, i encounter a tricked up version on the street which looks pretty sweet.  But the run-of-the-mill Mini Cooper really is a slow and boring car.

What makes all of this worse? The MINI brand is clearly the most unreliable brand sold in the US at the moment, according to JD Power’s annuall assessment of brand reliability.

So all the hype….BMW backing….and the Mini’s reliability SUCKS.  Nice one, Mini……Another reason never to buy one…


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