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Crash, remove, and drive!

Romain Dumas crashes his Audi R18 Ultra into a tire wall, then proceeds to get out of the car and basically remove the entire front bodywork from both sides, get back in the car and drive it for 5-6 minutes back to the pits!  Amazing bit of effort and determination from Dumas!  Great to see.

As of right now, the #3 R18 is back in the race!  Many laps down….but still in the race!

Here’s the video!


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Blame Ferrari.

An awful crash which just took out the #8 Toyota TS030 today in Le Mans.  A damn shame…..amateur privateers driving Ferraris ruining the LMP1 class race again this year.

Meantime, Toyota have done superb today—until this terrible accident.  Anthony Davidson is apparently OK after the accident.  The driver of the Ferrari is also OK.

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foto of the day. camber and toe.

sort it out, mate!

i don’t know much about this photo or where it’s from, except that It made me laugh.  Shared to me by Arman

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foto of the day. hey, stop that.

Gotta love this photo of an Osca 1100 and Ferrari 166 battling it out like real men in 1949….with Dorino Serafini giving Mario Tadini the ‘look of death’! superb!

Pic from GOV

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