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Wanna smell like a new car interior?


since i was young, i’ve been fascinated by the ‘new car smell’.  i remember going car shopping with my parents and just sitting in those brand new weird 80s cars….getting high on the beautiful smell of leather, rubber, vinyl, plastics, and wood…..just a great smell.  The cars with leather seats obviously had the most interesting smells (aside from BMWs, which just smell like a dirty fat pig butchered in a farm…ahem).

when i first smelled Kiton Black, the first thing that came to my mind was the smell of a new Mercedes-Benz.  It reminded me of the MB E500 my father picked up a few years ago.  Warm suede and leather and a fresh (not overly) clean and airy smell with a very light touch of fruit (very light) thrown over it.  I was instantly convinced.

this stuff is great, truly understated class in every way.  Kiton are generally known for their fine (and very expensive) men’s clothing line—consisting of bespoke suits, shirts, pants, etc.  Kiton Black is their latest fragrance, introduced in 2007 and is supposedly a variation of their previous scent Kiton Man (which i have not tried).  But this stuff is masculine class at its finest in a bottle…

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Santa Maria Novella Nostalgia

have you ever wanted to smell like you’ve been sitting inside of a 1953 Mille Miglia race car?  the smell of rolling into an italian pit stop with people screaming, putting on new tires, wearing leather gloves and the driver jumping in and out of the racing seat.  the smell of falling asleep inside a vintage 1960s alfa romeo parked on a side street of old Italy.  SMN Nostalgia recreates that feeling, in a fragrance!

santa maria novella have truly made a fragrance which is a masterpiece.  the first time i smelled this, it was with the knowledge that they have tried to recreate the smell of a vintage race car—something which i thought was basically impossible.  i didn’t, at first, understand the fragrance.  i thought it smelled like shoe polish, and then 15 minutes after applying—the most wonderful combination of leather, vanilla, and dare i say—liquid nostalgia rolled through my senses.  it truly does smell like a vintage sports car.

this stuff isn’t exactly cheap (even though the bottle borders on the verge of tacky….although i’ve actually started to like the bottle after spending some time with it in my wardrobe)….it’ll run you around $110.  If you’d like to order a bottle, you may do so at Lafco, which is the official US distributor of SMN fragrances. well worth it, and completely unique.  if you can’t own a vintage race car, you might as well smell like one!


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Porsche Design “The Essence”: a fragrance review

Several weeks ago, I told you about a new fragrance coming out from Porsche named “The Essence”. Finally, my bottle of Porsche Design’s “The Essence” has arrived. This fragrance was developed for Porsche Design by Azzaro and Clarins. It is a very blue and green sort of fragrance. It represents the genre of scents known as ‘fresh’ (as a general classification), but it seems to accomplish this ‘freshness’ with quite a bit of class and dignity. Designer fragrances as a whole are quite generic. Walk into any club, bar, or dinner party and you will find the vast majority of men wearing the same crap over and over again (Boss, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Cool Water…ugh).

“The Essence” is composed of a couple different ideas. The first is based off a synthetic molecule they created while developing this scent called “arctical”, which is supposed to be cool and refreshing. Well i think it worked. It definitely has an airy, cold, and refreshing take on right from the beginning. You can also find it a little green—-or with the scent of vetiver. A bit grassy and organic. After settling down from the cold and green opening, the scent becomes slightly woody, like cedar. Hours later, you are left with a very interesting green and woody finish—-which smells utterly classy and elegant.

It is not the most unique fragrance in the world—-but it is a very well made fragrance. Get away from those generic colognes you’ve been buying and get some more exclusive, interesting stuff in your collection.

Oh, and one more thing—the bottle for this is absolutely superb. Glass and metal, create a heavy, easy to hold and dynamic bottle. Worth keeping as a decorative piece long after your liquid has finished.

Porsche Design’s “The Essence” is available at Porsche Design Stores; as well as overseas duty free shops.

The Essence Minisite: http://www.porschedesigntheessence.com/site.html

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