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Dunhill custom shirt.

Unlike many modern workers, I still work in a somewhat traditional environment (Hospital) and each day I wear a dress shirt, a tie (50% of the time), a sport coat or blazer, and dress pants.  I do think that modern men have lost the ability to properly dress for work and it’s a real shame.  I see younger men in NYC walking to work dressed like they’re going to grab a sandwich (jeans, t-shirt, crap shoes), and to be honest it’s a damn shame.

To me, it doesn’t have to do with wealth as much as it does an appreciation of one’s work and respect for the environment around them.  It shows one has the thought to care about their workplace, and has the dignity to spend the few extra minutes a day to look presentable outside to complement staying presentable inside.   In the old days, coats and dress shirts were not only for the wealthy—they were for everyone.  Taxi drivers wore shirts and ties, janitors wore uniforms—people had dignity about the service they were providing.  These days, people don’t care about dignity—-they want their money and they want to go home.  Definitely a damn shame…

If you’ve read IEDEI, you will surely remember that I have quite a big soft spot for Dunhill clothing and accessories.  I do have a few Dunhill shirts and they are extremely comfortable and sharp fitting.

Great video showing the making of a Dunhill custom tailored shirt.

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Autodromo launches Chronographs!

Let me just say that i’ve really gotten into watches in the last 6 months; and much of this blame goes to Mr. Bradley Price, a great friend and a full-on fellow automobile enthusiast who launched his line of Autodromo watches last autumn to my standing ovation.  As I type this post, I am wearing my black Autodromo Veloce with pride.

I can’t say enough good things about my Veloce.  It feels great on the wrist, looks magnificent in any setting, and is built with quality I quite frankly never see in a watch of this price range.  Sapphire coated glass, beautiful perforated black leather strap, total attention to detail, and hell it even came with an aluminium chassis card engraved with my watch number!  How many watch companies include a chassis number with a watch!?

Autodromo is now introducing two new Chronographs based on the successful Vallelunga line.  There is industrial prowess in these designs, and when he says the goal is to incorporate vintage and minimalist design ethos, he isn’t kidding.  I think if there were two words which described these watches perfectly it would be vintage and minimalist.

As motoring enthusiasts, we often search for objects which are inspired by motoring, however in an artful, graceful, and gentlemanly way.  Autodromo watches are functionally and artistically inspired by motoring; and those of us who understand the art of gauges and dashboards can appreciate this on first glance.

Oh and just look at the press release photos.  No further words are needed.  $550 for the Chronograph, and for precision control of your time while motoring.

Take a right turn over to the Autodromo website for more information:


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shaving like a man.

Like most of you, i’ve been shaving for years using the same ‘super technology’ Gilette Mach 3s and Sensors and Schick Quattros and whatever other new gimmick comes into town!  However quite frankly I have just had a shave of a lifetime in my own bathroom.  I’ve had a shaving experience which will change my beard hygiene for life!  I just shaved for the first time using a proper double-edged razor, proper shaving cream, a proper brush—-and honest to god my face feels like it has never felt before.

My beautiful wife bought me all of the components to shave properly last week for my birthday.  I have to say I was hugely excited when I opened the package, and after today I am not dissappointed.  I took some time to read up about shaving with classic double edged razors, as well as tactics for pre-shave preparation as well as minimizing risks for slitting my skin open!

The tools i used:

Merkur Heavy Duty Double Edged Razor (Germany)

Proraso Eucalypus Shaving Cream (Italy)

Edwin Jagger Shaving Brush (England)

Pinaud Clubman After Shave Lotion (France)

I think my face woke up today after the feeling of putting the fresh smelling Eucalyptus shaving cream on with the brilliantly firm bristled Edwin Jagger brush—–I don’t think my face has felt such pleasure before!  I honestly could apply shaving cream with this brush for HOURS! it’s like a full service massage……amazing.

Admittedly, the double edged razor made me nervous; (A) while handling, because I kept thinking I was gonna cut myself just installing the blade, and (B) because after installing it, I realised that it is damn sharp and any wrong angle or crooked swipe I take is going to likely cut me—-especially as this was my first time.  Ultimately though, the blade was installed after a beautifully mechanic installation of unscrewing the shaft to lift up the metal plate, putting the blade in, and then rescrewing the shaft again to lower the metal plate.  Just wonderful.

I took a very long time to shave today; out of precaution and out of savouring the experience.  Surely I will become quicker as I become more experienced with a double edged razor—–but honestly I don’t think I am going to willingly be able to use a standard razor again.

Afterwards I applied some Pinaud’s Clubman; which if evaluated on a amount-of-greatness: amount-of-money ratio may be the best after shave in the world (it costs about $6 and has been around for 200 years).

I highly recommend that some of you try this way of shaving; I’ve been turned into a believer.  It has made me think of shaving as an artform.  I am also amazed how much more superior this system of shaving is as compared to the run-of-the-mill mass marketed shave that people use these days.  We are losing the attention to detail, and our A.D.D. has corrupted our desire to spend time on little things.  This way of shaving is from a time when people had more time…and made more time to do basic things.

I also recommend you read this article from the wonderful Art of Manliness website, a site I religiously read these days for all sorts of fantastic insight into, well, the art of manliness!

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Porsche Design “The Essence”: a fragrance review

Several weeks ago, I told you about a new fragrance coming out from Porsche named “The Essence”. Finally, my bottle of Porsche Design’s “The Essence” has arrived. This fragrance was developed for Porsche Design by Azzaro and Clarins. It is a very blue and green sort of fragrance. It represents the genre of scents known as ‘fresh’ (as a general classification), but it seems to accomplish this ‘freshness’ with quite a bit of class and dignity. Designer fragrances as a whole are quite generic. Walk into any club, bar, or dinner party and you will find the vast majority of men wearing the same crap over and over again (Boss, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Cool Water…ugh).

“The Essence” is composed of a couple different ideas. The first is based off a synthetic molecule they created while developing this scent called “arctical”, which is supposed to be cool and refreshing. Well i think it worked. It definitely has an airy, cold, and refreshing take on right from the beginning. You can also find it a little green—-or with the scent of vetiver. A bit grassy and organic. After settling down from the cold and green opening, the scent becomes slightly woody, like cedar. Hours later, you are left with a very interesting green and woody finish—-which smells utterly classy and elegant.

It is not the most unique fragrance in the world—-but it is a very well made fragrance. Get away from those generic colognes you’ve been buying and get some more exclusive, interesting stuff in your collection.

Oh, and one more thing—the bottle for this is absolutely superb. Glass and metal, create a heavy, easy to hold and dynamic bottle. Worth keeping as a decorative piece long after your liquid has finished.

Porsche Design’s “The Essence” is available at Porsche Design Stores; as well as overseas duty free shops.

The Essence Minisite: http://www.porschedesigntheessence.com/site.html

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Porsche Design: The Essence

I am a huge fan of Porsche Design stuff. Sure some would argue that it’s a bit cheesy and cliche to want things with a Porsche name—-and look like a bit of a fanboy if you don’t own one. I have driven Porsches and currently i drive an Audi—-a company which Porsche is currently in the process of buying! So technically i am not a fanboy. My next car will hopefully be a Porsche.

So how am i preparing for my future Porsche ownership experience? The sunglasses i wear are made by Porsche Design and they are the ONLY sunglasses i’ve ever worn that didn’t break within 1 week. They are of impeccable quality. A few weeks ago i posted about a Porsche toaster that i want. If you’re ever used one of those ultra-slick Porsche design lighters, you’ll know the quality i’m talking about.

Now Porsche Design have introduced a fragrance! Yeah, so is it the smell of a 1972 Le Mans racing team? No, probably not. But the bottle is gorgeous, and the idea is fantastic. Sure there are other car companies who have launched fragrances—Ferrari (which isn’t half bad actually!), Bugatti (which costs about as much as a Boxster), Lamborghini (haven’t tried it), Hummer (would never want to try it!), and i think there is a fragrance called Ford Mustang (no thanks!) as well. The center of the new Porsche Design fragrance is a molecule they are calling “arctical”….i’m guessing it’s gonna be a bit cold then? i hope so.

Further reviews in the next 2 or 3 weeks, after my wife brings me back a bottle from Duty Free.

Porsche design have made a minisite for the launch of their fragrance. It’s not available in the US yet, but it is available in the UK and other small aristocrat markets…

LINK: http://www.porschedesigntheessence.com/site.html

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