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the resurrection of De Tomaso!

Autoweek is reporting that a 79 year-old former FIAT executive named Gian Mario Rossignolo is plotting to bring back the legendary De Tomaso name. Apparently he purchased the rights to the name from a bankruptcy court in Italy recently.

The launch lineup will consist of a crossover (????), a luxury sedan, and a coupe starting in 2011.  Yeah, it doesn’t sound all that promising by words, but here’s hoping they ditch the sedan and crossover idea and concentrate on coming up with a cool sports car for consumption.

full article: http://www.autoweek.com/article/20091119/CARNEWS/911199992

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Honda mourns the loss of Pontiac by….

2010 Acura ZDX

building their own Aztec!  Oh come on, Honda—you can put all the Acura logos you want on it, along with the most repulsive grille imaginable in the automotive world; but you ain’t fooling us! Just admit it! You miss the Pontiac Aztec so much that you had to go and build yer own.

Terrible…just terrible.  I hope they all get thrown into the ocean!  It’s called the Acura ZDX, and it needs to be killed….

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