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foto of the day. gt3.

So i’ve developed a very unhealthy admiration of the Porsche 911 GT3 these days, maybe because it is practical and insanely fast…..like ass-whoopish fast compared to nearly anything on the road; but also because i met a gentleman at a car show a few months ago, who was talking to me about his new GT3 RS….who told me one of his favourite cars he ever owned was a TT 225 Coupe, and then proceeded to convince me that i should be driving a used GT3…. this conversation really sank in over time.  Pre-owned GT3s are a hell of a deal……..996s especially—–HOWEVER i still hate the interior of the 996, and i had the exterior weird side skirts and thin body of the 996s as well…..not enough muscle, too much skinny finesse…..what also ruins it for me, is how several people i’ve spoken to who have driven and/or owned a 996 GT3 seem to say the same thing; that the car is very fidgety and not so stable turning nicely paved roads into concrete slabs of hell with shifty wheels?

How would i want mine?  Black on black of course—the only combination for me….but no worries, it’s not happening any time soon….997s are still pulling $90k and above.

me driving a 997 GT3 (no, it’s not me….)

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